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Early Help HUb

Key principles

We want to ensure that children and families in Swansea have access to the right support at the right time from the right person regardless of age and location. We have designed the Early Help Hubs based on demand and 'what matters' to families. We have worked together to develop our services so that the children, young people and families in Swansea can be supported to live happy, healthy and safe lives with help from the right support, at the right time if and when they need it.

The Early Help Hubs work within a joined-up approach using the signs of wellbeing framework to work with individuals and families supporting wellbeing using a locality based hub structure and a single point of contact for professionals.

The Early Help Hub model builds on and increases the previous family support provision, formally known as Team Around the Family (TAF), Family Partnership Team and Evolve. By co-locating and bringing these services into one structure we can ensure that support is available regardless of age or location, that it is integrated with partners and utilises community assets to provide:

  • Child or early years work;
  • Youth work;
  • Whole family work.

All staff within the Early Help Hubs work using the Team Around the Family (TAF) approach so more staff can support this offer across primary and secondary education. There will be development of school and community support from staff across the early help hubs, which will be available across Swansea regardless of age or location.

Ultimately the Early Help Hubs will include multi-agency representation providing a single, integrated resource for family support.

What does this mean for our partners who wish to assist families to access the support?

We have developed a single referral form which is called the 'practitioner request for information, advice and assistance from EHH' or 'SPOC'. This form should be used to record professionals discussions with children, young people and their families and clearly identify what matters to them along with information in respect of their personal circumstances, any identified risks or issues as well as the strengths and safety already in place and any barriers to the family achieving their identified personal outcomes. 

There is guidance on how to complete the 'practitioner request for information, advice and assistance' included on the form and a place to identify whether your referral is in respect of wellbeing issues or safeguarding.



The Early Help Hubs will be the main point of contact for partners seeking advice and support where they have worries about the wellbeing of children, young people and their families. The Early Help Hubs will be able to assess all enquiries within the hub and provide the appropriate guidance, signposting or support based on the need. The Hubs will have multi-agency partnership links to assist with ensuring the correct support for the family is accessed at the right time.


Contact the Early Help Hub Team


The main point of contact for partners seeking advice and support where they have worries about the wellbeing of children, young people and their families.

The duty line number operates Monday to Thursday 9.00am until 5.00pm, and on Fridays 9.00am until 4.30pm. Your call will be redirected to the correct Early Help Hub based on the home address of the family.


Duty Line - 01792 635400 or email