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Gwnewch eich gorau glas!

Year 1 - Blwyddyn 1

Welcome to the Year 1 Noticeboard




We hope you find the following information and photographs useful for keeping up to date with what is happening in your child's class.



The children have continued to monitor the life stages of our butterflies. Most have now begun their next stage of metamorphosis and each has now turned into a chrysalis. The children have been really engaged and can't wait for each new stage. They have been making their own butterfly books both as a focus task and also independently.

They have continued working on time this week both analogue and digital. It is a concept that many children find quite difficult so any reinforcement at home would be helpful. We have been working on o'clock and half past in the first instance and they have enjoyed making their own paper plate analogue clocks in provision.

This week, in school, we celebrated Refugee Week. the children enjoyed a live webinar and we have been discussing, in simple terms, what a refugee is and what we can do as a school and community to support them. We taught many of the themes through a wonderful story called Bobble by Helen May. The children listed what precious items they would take with them if they had to leave their homes and created beautiful and thoughtful artwork welcoming Bobble to a new home. Once again the children have made us so proud with their understanding and empathy. 

The children also enjoyed a ukulele session this week learning a couple of cords and playing as a small group. They had great fun and they really sounded quite good!









What have we been learning in class this week?


WK/B 17.6.24

Language, Literacy and Communication

Reading: Change reading books,  RWI. Big book. Reading eggs. Reading our class story - Where the wild things are- talk for writing.


Speaking and Listening: News, morning challenge, pupil of the week, Dylan the sheep. Big book. 

Discussion linked to Refugee Week


Writing: Writing about the life cycle of a butterfly.


Word of the week - Refugee


Welsh-  Morning routines, daily slot drilio, singing, Tric a Chlic. Revision of previous patterns taught. Focus on incidental Welsh within the classroom,


Patrwm yr wythnos

Sut mae'r tywydd heddiw?

Mae hi'n...


Numeracy and Mathematics


Focus - Analogue and digital clock.


Provision- Linked to time- bingo games, match analogue to digital, Topmarks maths- telling the time. making paper plate analogue clocks.


Health and Wellbeing

Daily check in and out.

Calm Cwtch- Emotion Coaching strategies/ self regulation.

Pupil of the week

Cosmic yoga

Dance fit

Outdoor games/parachute games


Expressive Arts

Welsh and English songs

Mud kitchen role play 

Painting and collage

Using a range of materials to make Bobble pictures

Puppet area

Cutting and sticking 

Cafe role play

Wild Thing role play

Jungle role play

Ukulele taster session


Science and Technology

Ipads - Maths games and reading eggs

Investigating the caterpillars

Life cycle of a butterfly



Work linked to refugee week- live webinar, powerpoint and Bobble story.


Weekly Achievements


Each week during assembly, we present certificates for Good work, Positive Values and speaking Welsh. The children give compliments to the Pupil of the Week.


This week's award winners:


                    Year 1 KP/SP                                                      Year 1 SG/LOM                    
Gwaith Da (Good Work)Ali Al-EnaziSena Adere-Weaver
Positive Values 

Agnes Jones

Charlie Chancer
Pupil of the Week  
Cymraeg Award

Yehor Yarushynski


Yasmeen Salamat


Home Learning


If you could read with your child and learn their key words we would really appreciate it.

Letter and number formation.

Writing teen numbers if appropriate

Counting in 10s, 5s and 2s

Quick recall of number bonds to 10 and 20


Telling the time on analogue and digital- o'clock and half past.

Reinforce left and right, full turn, half turn. Positional language and prepositions- on, under, in, behind, in front, beside, next to.

Coin recognition to £2 and ways to make small amounts using different coins.



Important Dates


Please visit the school calendar here and subscribe to 'Year 1' and 'Whole School' events.



Due to transport issues, Year 1 trip to Manor Park will now take place on 9.7.24.

Year 1 Family Assembly 17.7.24 at 2.45




















Year 1 Staff